Business Success

Course Outline

Section 1: Meet Your Instructor


Shalonda is an experienced transaction coordinator with vast experience in the legal sector. After years of working as a transaction coordinator, Shalonda launched her own Transaction Coordination company and closed thousands of transactions across various states in the residential and commercial sectors. Shalonda began coaching and training independent transaction coordinators and individuals with the desire to become transaction coordinators on a small scale in 2018. With the desire to assist more individuals achieve their career goals, Shalonda launched the TC Institute. With Shalonda’s vast amount of legal and real estate experience, she created each extensive course. 



Section 2: Introduction

Your transition from being a TC into being a TC business owner will be crucial and rewarding. This module will provide steps into becoming a successful business owner and entrepreneur.


Section 3: How to be a Business Owner 

There is no playbook on how to be a Business Owner because it is your business. However, there are basic fundamental tools that every business owner needs to embody. 


Section 4: Managing the Business 

You have the ability to run your business as you desire. In this module, we will discuss how to understand your growth, set your pricing and the boundaries of your business. 


Section 5: Identifying your Ideal Clientele

When starting any business, identifying and obtaining new clients is the most time consuming and crucial aspects of your business. In this module, we will discuss how to identify and locate clients, methods of marketing to them and how to ensure the clients become repeat business. 


Section 6: Maintaining Current Clients 

Once you obtain a client, it is important to maintain them. It is important to remember, there are always others TC looking for new clients. In this module, we will discuss how to maintain current clients and potential methods to separate yourself from other TC’s. 




Section 7: Obtaining Additional Support

There will be a time when your business begins to consume you and there is no longer time to complete a basic personal task. It is a good thing for your business; however, it means that you need to hire additional resources. This module will outline the signs of understanding you need additional support before you get overwhelmed, how to find additional resources and understanding a budget for your additional support. 


Section 8: Organization

Ensuring your business is organized and efficient will result in a successful business. Organized system and comprehensive checklists are the key to handling files without missing information. This module will show you the importance of checklists and systems, provide examples and show you how to create or change checklists to meet your needs. Also, this module will provide an overview of many of the popular transaction coordination systems. Each checklist and system will provide you with ways to work smarter, not harder. 


Section 9: Client Confidentiality

In this module, we will discuss the importance of maintaining client confidentiality, how to confirm with clients if it is acceptable to share their identity and what information should never been shared.


Section 10: Mindset 

Being a business owner is not an easy task, however, it is fulfilling and a method of providing resources for generations to come. In this module, we will learn techniques on how to make your job as easy as possible, how to react to potentially negative situations and how to get through the difficult phases of your business.


Section 11: Resources 

In this module, you will receive email templates, a glossary and sample checklists. 


The Marketing Magic Course is a mini-course designed to provide comprehensive and effective marketing techniques to obtain Agent and Brokers as clients. Each technique discussed has been tried and tested by Shalonda and TC’s that she has coached and has proven to be effective. 


Section 1: Marketing Made Easy 

The Internet is an unlimited resource with methods to produce free and paid marketing content. This module will address how to use free marketing on the internet to create opportunities for your business. 


Section 2: Social Media

In today’s environment, everyone has access to social media. Social media is a free and effective tool to communicate to individuals around the world. In this module, we will discuss how to use LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and more to grow your business and obtain clientele. 


Section 3: Old School Techniques 

Depending upon your ideal clientele, mailing information and cold calling can be amazing opportunities for you. In this module, we will learn simple ways to communicate through mailing information and how to create a cold calling script that caters to your ideal clientele. 


Section 4: Email Campaigns 

Email Campaigns require access to potential clients’ email addresses and the determination to be consistent. In this module, we will discuss methods to obtain the email address of potential clients and how to properly formulate your message. Secondly, we will discuss how to create mass emails for efficiency. 


Section 5: Networking

In this module, we will discuss how to locate face to face networking events in your area and how to find your ideal clients at these events. Also, we will discuss how to ensure you are making the most out of each event.