The Master Program

Course Outline

Section 1: Meet Your Instructor


Shalonda is an experienced transaction coordinator with vast experience in the legal sector. After years of working as a transaction coordinator, Shalonda launched her own Transaction Coordination company and closed thousands of transactions across various states in the residential and commercial sectors. Shalonda began coaching and training independent transaction coordinators and individuals with the desire to become transaction coordinators on a small scale in 2018. With the desire to assist more individuals achieve their career goals, Shalonda launched the TC Institute. With Shalonda’s vast amount of legal and real estate experience, she created each extensive course. 



Section 2: Introduction 


Being a Transaction Coordinator is a rewarding career with various opportunities. In this module, you will learn necessary skills and information to be an effective Transaction Coordinator.


Section 3: Understanding Your Role as a TC


What is a Transaction Coordinator? What benefits do a TC provide to agents and brokers? What is the difference between a licensed agent working as a TC and an unlicensed TC?  In this module, you will learn the importance of your role, requirements of a TC, the responsibilities of a TC and if this is the right business for you. You will also learn some characteristics and skills you should possess to be a successful TC. 


Section 4: Setting up your Business


Your business foundation will be the key to your success. In this module, we will discuss how to properly set up your business from accounting principles, selecting an appropriate business name, registering your company, how to protect your business and more.


Section 5: Being a TC vs. Owning a TC Business


There is a major difference between being a business owner and being an independent TC. This section will show that either option is acceptable, but distinguishes between the two. We will also discuss how to evolve into a TC business from being an independent TC. 


Section 6: Systems and Checklists 


Organized system and comprehensive checklists are the key to handling files without missing information. This module will show you the importance of checklists and systems, provide examples and show you how to create or change checklists to meet your needs. Also, this module will provide an overview of many of the popular transaction coordination systems. Each checklist and system will provide you with ways to work smarter, not harder. 


Section 7: Managing Details 


Details, Details, Details! In this module, you will learn methods on how to stay on top of details of multiple files at one time without being overwhelmed. Making it to closing is the only goal. Managing the details and individual aspects of the transaction will get you there. 


Section 8: Time Management


Time Management is the most important aspect of your business and is the key to how many clients you will be able to maintain. This section will provide tips and hacks on managing your time and how to reduce your time with each task. Also, this section will discuss various methods of effective time blocking. 


Section 9: Setting Boundaries 


It is okay to say “no” and not to compromise for your clients. This section will teach you how to respectfully decline a task request without disrupting your business relationship with your client, how to set your working hours, how to set boundaries when signing a client and reiterate them when needed. 


Section 10: Communication


There is not a specific method of communication that will work for all of your clients, however, regardless of the method that is effective, what is communicated is the most important aspect. The success of your business and career will depend on how effective you communicate with all parties involved. In this module, we will discuss what needs to be communicated, what to do in a difficult situation and how to listen and communicate when others become frustrated.


Section 11: Marketing 


In this module, we will discuss basic marketing techniques to obtain new clients and how to offer additional marketing services to your clients. 

Section 12: Mindset 


Regardless of your business setup, organizational system or knowledge of real estate, your mindset is the most important aspect to your business. The TC business can be difficult; however, it is important to always keep in mind the benefits you are providing. In this module, we will learn techniques on how to make your job as easy as possible, how to react to potentially negative situations and how to get through the difficult phases of your business.


Section 13: Resources 


In this module, you will receive email templates, a glossary and sample checklists.