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Meet Shalonda

Transaction Coordinator

Shalonda Moore is a Virginia native that relocated to Georgia in 2017. During her working career, she has been devoted to assisting individuals in various legal arenas and real estate. 

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Shalonda Moore is such an amazing coach and mentor. She’s extremely knowledgeable and down to earth. When I met with Shalonda she took the time to first listen to what I needed out of the coaching session and then mentor me based on my individual goals. She not only guided me through the Transaction Coordinating process but provided additional resources that I could use to establish and maintain my own TC business. Even after our coaching session Shalonda would check in with me to see how things were going and always welcomed any questions I may have had. If you’re looking to become a transaction coordinator or to even start your own transaction coordinator business I highly recommended using Shalonda as your coach and mentor!

- Tahira

It has been both a pleasurable and knowledgeable experience being mentored and coached by Shalonda. She breaks down concepts according to the expertise of her clients. From the novice to the seasoned agents, Shalonda is able to teach and provide assistance in all aspects of real estate. Shalonda also has a way of making learning fun. Her bubbly personality is very infectious. Her personality,  her big heart and her intelligence makes her a triple threat in any business arena. I highly recommend taking this course. Completing this course will set you up for success and create a great foundation for your business and career growth in real estate. 

- Thomasene

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