Shalonda Moore, Owner

Shalonda Moore is a Virginia native that relocated to Georgia in 2017. During her working career, she has been devoted to assisting individuals in various legal arenas and real estate. Shalonda’s desire to assist in creating home ownership and generational wealth for all that desire, grew and prompted her to start SM & Partners Consulting, LLC. Since that time, SM & Partners Consulting, LLC has closed thousands of transactions in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, California, Arkansas, and South Carolina. With the success of her own business, Shalonda decided to share her expertise. After a year of coaching and mentoring individuals, the TC Institute was born. In 2019, Shalonda made the decision to launch the TC Institute. With minimal resources and training available to unlicensed TCs, Shalonda believed this would be the perfect opportunity to usher in and empower the next generation and create a new way of thinking. With a combination of old and new school techniques and a driven mindset, Shalonda was able to build a robust TC business on her own. The TC Institute is designed to provide those same techniques and skills all individuals with the desire to make this business their own. Since the start of the TCI, we have assisted over 10,000 students. We looking forward to making you one as well!
Success is your mission, obligation, and responsibility   -Shalonda Moore